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Notice: You should "enable access for assistive devices" in Universal Access panel of System Preferences.

[NEW] English manual is now available!

For Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) - Universal Binary

For Mac OS X 10.3.x (Pahter)

Version 1.1.3 (2005/3/25)

    • Traditional Chinese localization included (Thanks to Jack M. H. Lin).
    • Minor fix on Japanese localization.
    • No functional changes made.

For Mac OS X 10.2.x

What is Expogesture?

Expogestrue is a small application that can recognize your mouse gestures on-the-fly and control running application by posting keyboard shortcuts virtually.

ex.1: Frontmost application will hide when you make a small clockwise circle by mouse, just as pressing Cmd+H.

ex.2: Exposé will come up when you make a small counter-clockwise circle (F9)

How can I make "gestures"?

Expogesture recognizes following pre-defined mouse gestures.

  • Small clockwise circle
  • Small counter-clockwise circle
  • Shake your mouse horizontally
  • Shake your mouse vertically
  • Draw "Z", then move back to the start
  • Draw "N", then move back to the start

Each gesture has an user-specified action, which can be chosen from the followings:

  • Post a shortcut key evnet (act as you actually press the specified shortcut-key)
  • Execute the menu item of the frontmost application.
  • Show task selector
  • Do nothing (disable the gesture)

Please see the User's Manual for details.

How to localize Expogesture

It is (technically) very easy to localize Expogesture into your favorite languages.

  • Locate two files; MainMenu.strings and Localizable.strings in Sources/Resources/Japanese.lproj directory.
  • Open them using Xcode or TextEdit. Note that file is encoded in UTF-8.
  • Translate the English messages at the left-hand sides of the each line into your target language, and replace right-hand sides with them. The final result should be like this:
    "English Message 1" = "Your Translation 1";
    "English Message 2" = "Your Translation 2";
  • Submit two files to me. I will include your localization into Expogesture distribution soon.

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (my email address can be found at the bottom of this page).


Expogesture is a freeware, under the GPL V2.

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